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Phagenyx® is a unique innovative treatment for the cause of neurogenic oropharyngeal dysphagia. Phagenyx® is based on more than 20 years research with patients experiencing neurogenic dysphagia and is clinically proven to improve swallow function by restoring neurological control.

Phagenyx® delivers very small amounts of electrical stimulation to a specific area of the pharynx (the medical term for ‘throat’) within clearly defined parameters read more.This stimulation travels along the nerve pathways from the pharynx to the swallow control centres of the brain.

Phagenyx® system is CE marked and is available for sale only in the European Economic Area and Switzerland.

The focused stimulation increases brain activity in the usually non-dominant swallow control centre of the brain and results in rapid and long-lasting improvements in swallow function read more.

The neurological restoration process has been demonstrated using functional magnetic resonance imaging (fMRI) brain scans read more. Research has shown that approximately 75% of people with dysphagia benefit from this treatment after a stroke and show improved swallowing safety, which helps to avoid pneumonia. Patients who received the treatment regime were able to go home an average of 5 days sooner than those who didn’t receive treatment read more.

The patented Phagenyx® system is made up of an intelligent base station and catheter that guide the user through the optimal treatment regime, allowing personalized stimulation levels to be determined.

Accurate guides ensure the stimulation is delivered to the defined area of the pharynx and that the quality of the stimulation received is acceptable throughout.

Patient treatment information is retained within the smart chip on the catheter, which works with the base station to ensure the correct treatment regime is delivered. The dual function catheter enables administration of enteral nutrition and fluids, if required, as well as delivering Phagenyx® treatment.

Treatment involves 10 minutes of stimulation each day for 3 consecutive days read more.

The exact stimulation level required is calculated on an individual basis at the start of each treatment session, as this can vary from patient to patient and throughout the three days of treatment.

The stimulation is often described as a fizzing or tingling sensation in the throat and although it may be temporarily uncomfortable, it is not painful. Phagenyx® is well tolerated and no side effects have been reported.

No surgery is required with Phagenyx®. The catheter is passed via the nose through the natural passage into the throat region and the position adjusted to deliver stimulation to the pharynx.

Recovery of swallowing after a stroke is brought about by functional reorganisation in the brain read more.

Brain scans have shown that carefully determined amounts of stimulation, delivered to a specific area of the pharynx, leads to similar changes in the neurological control of the swallow in the brain read more.

treated head and brain

Phagenyx® system is CE marked and is available for sale only in the European Economic Area and Switzerland. It doesn’t currently hold a FDA approval or approval in other countries.

Although Phagenyx® has CE mark for the commercial use in Europe, the great majority of the patients treated with it are in the United Kingdom and DACH countries (Germany, Austria, Switzerland). Currently, we have sales representatives only in these countries and we do not foresee any expansion of our business in the near future.

In UK the treatment is offered to both NHS patients and private patients. For more information regarding private healthcare treatment, please follow the links SCV Solutions, Greater Lancashire Hospital.

The treatment can be applied by any healthcare professional that is trained and certified by Phagenesis® for the treatment with Phagenyx®. The training is performed by a Phagenesis® certified trainer at the healthcare institution, after the delivery and the commissioning of the device. The training consists of a classroom training and a hands-on training with a patient treatment.

Phagenyx® treatment has to be applied in a healthcare institution by a healthcare professional trained and certified for this.