Healthy Volunteers needed for new products testing

We are looking for healthy people interested in doing research to help us test our new devices for comfort and tolerability before we seek CE mark and launch them commercially.

The study will involve a single 3-hour visit to our research unit where you will be asked to swallow a tube (our new naso-gastric treatment tube) and having some pictures and video recorded of the tube in place.

We are a Manchester based medical device company that have developed a treatment for unsafe swallowing (neurogenic dysphagia) for people with brain injuries such as stroke or diseases such as Parkinson’s. Our treatment stimulates nerves in the throat to trigger the brain’s own repair systems so that swallowing can once again be safe.

For further information please contact:

0161-820-4525           š

Volunteers will be reimbursed for time and inconvenience.

Update: The recruitment for the Healthy Volunteer Study has finished.