Base Station

Phagenyx® consists of a base station and a treatment catheter which in combination enable the healthcare professional to deliver personalised dysphagia treatment for every patient.

The Phagenyx® base station delivers the optimal stimulation for a particular patient. It also records and stores patient information to avoid errors in treatment. The base station is battery powered and portable and is operated through a user-friendly touch screen interface.



The stimulation is delivered to the patient’s pharynx through the Phagenyx® treatment catheter, which connects to the base station and is introduced to the patient via the nose.

There are two titanium electrodes on the outer surface of the catheter through which the stimulation is delivered. Guide marks ensure the electrodes are positioned correctly for treatment. The catheter design incorporates an optional feeding tube which can be used to administer nutrition, fluids and medication if required, meaning that only one tube has to be in place during treatment.